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Since nobody has started any "Bird of the Month" threads for about a year (as far as I know), I thought it would be a good to restart the monthly series. Other BC Birding Forum members have started threads like this before, and I think it was originally Paul's ("revs") idea, but I could be wrong.

Bird of the Month for March 2017:
:) Steller's Jay! :)

Post your best Steller's Jay photo(s), it doesn't matter when or where they were taken. :)

Here are two of my Steller's Jay shots:


Here is one from a couple of springs ago. Too many around this year but my wife likes feeding them - when we open the blinds each morning there are 15 to 25 waiting for her to throw out the peanuts - then the squawking begins
Chris Dale
Great thread Isaac and beautiful pics! Great choice, as I love these jays.

I have no recent shots but here is one I took with my old camera in Manning Park, of the interior subspecies.

ImageSteller's Jay - Manning Park by Birdergirl, on Flickr

Also, thanks to everyone for sharing their nice pics.

Great choice, Isaac; thanks for taking this initiative!

Not a bird I see a lot of in March, but likely only because I don't go looking for them. I do have a few faves of this species, actually the Interior subspecies with their white 'eyebrows'....

May 2015: a parent and fully fledged chick:
Steller's Jay parent and fledgling (Okanagan Lake Park)

June 2016: this guy sat above us and squawked until we responded!
Steller's Jay thief, nay, beggar (Okanagan Lake Park)

October 2014: a fortuitous encounter at Manning Park with a STJA who was camera friendly:
Steller's Jay - 7

Love the other shots posted so far, and looking forward to more! This is BC's Provincial Bird, after all!

Good birding! :D
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