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I have enjoyed reading through the comments on Guy's recent post about ordinary birds and thought it might be fun to open a thread for everyone to post a few of their favourite photos of our common birds.

I haven't had much time to get out lately (which is a shame with the parade of rarities we've had on the island) but when I have gone out it has been to enjoy & photograph our winter regulars.

Here are a few of my favourite recent shots of BC's "Average Joe's" of the bird world:

Its a Coot drinking from a seashell. How could this not be one of my favourites?!
ImageAmerican Coot by Matt C, on Flickr

It was so nice to have snow in Victoria this year.
ImageAmerican Robin by Matt C, on Flickr

Sapsuckers are always a treat.
ImageRed-Breasted Sapsucker by Matt C, on Flickr

One more of the Coot showing off its prodigious foot.
ImageAmerican Coot by Matt C, on Flickr

No offense but I'm never objectionable to someone posting in a thread that I started. That's part of what makes the world go around when it comes to forums. Heck, a bunch already have...................

Nice shots btw.........
Lovely shots Matt, especially that first Coot. Since I have posted my favourite common bird shots in my backyard thread, stanley park thread, artistic thread and other threads, I won't duplicate any of them here.

Here is one common bird shot I took, which I like and haven't shared yet.

ImageFemale Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) - Pitt Meadows, BC by Birdergirl, on Flickr

Great idea. I am always taking pictures of our common birds, none of them ordinary, all special in their own way. Every time I upgrade my camera I have to start over with a new collection of the best. Some very common birds are surprisingly difficult to capture in a good photo, Starlings for example.

Here are a few of my recent shots.


Great Blue Heron by brian avent, on Flickr


Spotted Towhee by brian avent, on Flickr


Wood Ducks by brian avent, on Flickr
northvanrob wrote:Here are some of my photos of common birds recently photographed!
All in North Vancouver.

ImageBlack Capped Chickadee blackberry spines by northvanbirderguy, on Flickr

ImageBushtit male in juniper by northvanbirderguy, on Flickr

ImageGolden-crowned Kinglet bright Moss by northvanbirderguy, on Flickr
All great shots Rob, thanks for sharing those!
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