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Posted: Apr 17 3:37 pm
by Keithmac
As an update to the images I posted this morning the owlets both fledged today around noon. I found them in a tree not to far from the nest and they were easy to find because the crows were harassing them. Mom was near because I could hear her hooting but I couldn't see her in the trees.

ImageDSC_1709.jpg by Keith MacDonald, on Flickr

ImageDSC_1763.jpg by Keith MacDonald, on Flickr

ImageDSC_1751.jpg by Keith MacDonald, on Flickr

Re: Owlets

Posted: Apr 18 9:06 am
by keithric
What a splendid series, KMac! It's such a privilege to find owls in the woods, but to get the wee ones so open and so interactive is an experience few of us are blessed with. Thanks so much for sharing yours!