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I've finished finalizing my Arizona photos and am back to local shootings - and still awaiting the return of my lens from the "repair" depot.

Almost always there are some Grebes swimming offshore at Pt. Roberts. I've seen 4 species there. For the photo below of a Horned Grebe, I was surprised at how rapidly their breeding plumage appeared. Moreover, it almost looks like a different species in such plumage. A more gentle "Predator" look.

In turn that made me wonder about Dinosaurs. I wonder if they also altered their forms in breeding season? And if they changed dramatically, they may appear to be different species also.

Here's another head-on photo of a colourful bird - a female Wilson's Phalarope. Taken in May at Iona. I'm a "little" behind in finalizing, as usual. The first photo was taken in April - presumably just before they departed (there were two of them) inland.

By birdergirl
Great shots Debra and Mike!

Mike I love that pacific loon and it ain't easy getting a head on shot of a purple martin at blackie spit.

Here's a few head-on shots I have taken:

ImageBurrowing Owl by bcbirdergirl, on Flickr

ImageGreat Horned Owl by bcbirdergirl, on Flickr

ImageIMG_7541 by bcbirdergirl, on Flickr

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By loudavid
Here's a adult and young Eared Grebe at Frank Lake in Alberta in July 2014.


Lou Davidson
Delta BC
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