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By imagemaster
For anyone wanting a versatile & light birding camera/lens combo, I highly recommend the Olympus EM 1 Mk II with the Panasonic/Leica 100-400mm zoom.

Very good AF for birds in flight, very high fps, silent electronic shutter, or mechanical shutter, plus many other options.

By Neil V
Very nice image, thanks for sharing.

I am going to be upgrading my E-M1 to the E-M1.2 you happen to use any of the older original Four Thirds lenses? I have an Olympus 90-250 and want to know how all those 'extra' PDAF points improve focusing speed/accuracy...
Great shot! I too am a huge Olympus fan and use the E-M1 + 300/4 plus TC-14 combo for most of my bird shots. I ended up buying a Canon 7D II + Sigma 150-600 Sport for Birds in flight as the Olympus E-M1 sucks at BIF. I was hoping the new E-M1 II would be a big improvement over the original in this regard. Looking forward to some of your BIF shots!
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Nice series of photos and glad you are posting.