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By revs
me·a cul·pa
ˌmāə ˈko͝olpə
an acknowledgment of one's fault or error.

hey gang, long time...
I wanted to come back here, post some stuff and show my gratitude to the forum and Kevin now because the time seemed right.
Some of you are aware that things went sideways with me and here back in February and i decided to stay away for a while, for the good of the forum i thought.

I didn't stop birding, i just went out around home and avoided crowds LOL.

I felt bad about how things spiraled out of control here and i did a lot of reflecting on my life later and why it happened, to this day i'm still not sure why, but i learned a lot about myself.
That's why i am back today, with a new focus and determination to be a better person in my social life (and not take things as seriously). I want to roll with the punches so to speak.
I went through a time thinking that all the local birders hated me now (that's not a fun feeling), i was previously quite outspoken in my views and now i am less so (ironically enough, i won employee of the month for August at work and one of the things they said was that i was not afraid to speak my mind LOL) and while i did notice a few Flickr contacts dropped me i noticed also the ones who did not, appreciation!
Please allow me to contribute here again? i can play nice with others, promise :)

Here are some shots from my time in the abyss this past spring, i had to take 3 months off in the summer to deal with some home renovations as well but am eager to get out again, i may even spread my wings and leave the north shore again :wink:

Townsend's Warbler - Cypress Mountain

Swainson's Thrush - North Vancouver

Yellow-breasted Chat - ok, i did cross some bridges to see this guy

Black-headed Grosbeak - Maplewood Flats

Western Tanager - North Vancouver

Wilson's Warbler - North Vancouver

Mac's Warbler

Mountain Bluebird - North Van Automall

Yellow-rumped Warbler - North Vancouver

Enough about me, look forward to seeing everyone else's work, take care and cheers!
By Keithmac
Good to see you back Paul, I too have not posted for quite a long time. My reasons are probably different but the site seemed to have lost some of the major contributors once Mel seemed to disappear. It also seemed that people had become very complacent and there seemed to be a lack of interest in the excellent images that were posted from some very good photographers. When these people post their images they do if for the enjoyment of the viewers but they also like to hear that the effort that they put in is appreciated. I saw many great posts that were totally ignored with no comments or maybe one comment. As a bird and wildlife photographer I don't need recognition but it is nice to know that my efforts and that the efforts of the excellent photographers on this site are appreciated.
Like you I am going to make another post today of some of my images from the last couple of months and I hope some of the photographers that have been here in the past will return. I have always enjoyed this site and maybe we can get it back to what it was before.
Thanks Paul for starting this, I have been thinking about it for awhile and I am glad you took this step.
By Frenchy
Brilliant shots, so much detail! How did you get this close to the ever elusive Swainson? Love the last one of yellow rumped warbler. Great work, thanks for bringing back the great colours of summer !

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