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By CathyOss
I spent Sunday morning at the Great Blue Heron Reserve.
I'm not sure if the Woodpecker is a Hairy or a Downy? He looks small but was way up the tree. I can tell the difference if one is sitting at the feeder in my yard but not when up a tree!

Imageking fisher 17-9-24 GBH_0420 by Cathy Oss, on Flickr

Imagewoodpecker, hairy 17-9-24 GBH_0561 by Cathy Oss, on Flickr

Imagewoodpecker, hairy 17-9-24 GBH_0562 by Cathy Oss, on Flickr
By rawalker
Great pics! You've got a downy there. You can tell easiest by the bill proportion. The bill is much longer relatively in a hairy.
By Rokman
Downy. Note the black bars on the white outer tail feathers, almost always absent on Hairy. A useful mark when looking at the bird from behind, and the bill is not visible.
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