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By revs
I have a "secret" spot i like to visit once or maybe twice a year in North Vancouver where, if i am lucky, i can usually spot a Barred owl or two.
Yesterday morning after an uneventful walk through Maplewood i decided to drive a bit further and checked out my spot.
I can usually find a Pacific Wren there and took some shots of this quick moving species



Wren activity over i took a bit of a walk around and eventually got my best looks ever of a Barred owl :)
I like not having to drive to Delta to get my owls if i can help it, now if i can only get a Northern Pygmy owl on the shore i will be happy.

Thanks for looking, comments welcomed :)



By revs
northvanrob wrote:The Mountain view wetlands are a special place with Northern Red-legged Frogs breeding there extensively, same with Northwestern Salamander egg gels sticking to twigs. a fine snack for a Barred Owl!
Hmm, i may have to check it out, don't think i've ever been there.

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