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Hi guys! I'm going on a work trip to Trinidad in the new year. I'm going to take my full rig for when I can actually go birding, but it won't be safe to have it on the work site. It's a bit sketchy there. There are going to be birds EVERYWHERE though, so I am wanting a camera that is small enough to be in a pouch on my belt, but that has the most reach. Mostly for ID, but hopefully that can give me decent quality. Any suggestions?

By revs
I know you are a Canon person but i have heard great things about the Nikon P900 ... 602/review

it's not the smallest camera though, but the lens is fixed (ie. not removable).
By Garym
My Brother is getting to an age where he doesn't want to carry his
Tamron 150-600 any great distance, so he bought himself a Canon
SX - 50 for longer walks. It's obviously a compromise from the big Tamron,
But he is quite pleased with it. Maybe, check out some of the
By therobwalker
I have the Canon Sx-50 and my brother has the sx-60 and we are both very happy with them... you obviously you don't get the same quality as a dslr, but awesome for ID and can still get good shots.
The most I can get! It's going to be rough to be surrounded by birds and not have my 400. LOL. So I want the best I can get that fits in my pocket, so I can at least ID everything. I've forewarned my team that they can't stop me from pausing and taking a quick shot whenever I see something new. :lol:
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