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Re: Post Your Top 3 Bird Shots from outside of BC 2017

Posted: Jan 07 2:03 am
by FYLegend
I only visited Taiwan outside of BC but here are my favourites:

Black-faced Spoonbill at the Jiading Wetland in Southern Taiwan:

Photo series here: ... 0960909964

The Taiwanese subspecies of the Ring-Necked Pheasant. They are threatened by hybridization with introduced subspecies. This was photographed at a university campus in Hualien, Taiwan.
ImageRing-Necked Pheasant - Male by Frank Lin, on Flickr

This one I first considered somewhat of a "fail". I'd seen Swinhoe's Pheasants several times before including the kangaroo hop display, but this was the first time I saw the wing-whirring display. The first time it did this there was a log obstructing my view. The second time I did not expect it as the bird posed there and I was hoping to get a closeup but at the instant I zoomed in he started whirring:
ImageSwinhoe's Pheasant - Male doing wing whirring display by Frank Lin, on Flickr