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Hey, another month rolls around and the sleepy forum opens an eye and yawns.

I was send a request for Bird of the Month recently (thanks ogopogo) and i just wanted to say i am open to all suggestions, have a bird that you don't think gets enough respect? bring it to my attention and it just might get its own month.
This month is special since we are not focusing on one hawk, but all hawks!
Northern Goshawk - no point trying to clone those branches out of the way, sometimes you have to accept the shot as is, i rarely do it anyways, sometimes yes if branch or distraction is not attached to the bird, but if it is, like was mentioned, if not done perfectly you can tell when something has been erased (or at least YOU will know and see it every time you look at it).

Cooper's Hawk

Roadside Hawk from Costa Rica

one of our first encounters with a Red-tailed Hawk near Burnaby Lake in 2006, back then my wife was schemed to be the bird photographer and i was going to tag along for fun and be the non-photographing partner! :lol:

our first "worldly" hawk - Harris's Hawk, from our first birding trip to San Blas Mexico in 2007. digiscoped by yours truly (i inherited the digiscoping equipment when my wife realized it was too heavy for her to carry around after all, thus i got my feet wet finally in the bird photographer world (and i never looked back :lol: )
This is one of the first photos I had taken with a Digital SLR Camera the Canon 10D

ImageRed-Tailed Hawk Rufous Morph by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

I don't get out to Boundary Bay much as I don't drive, but got a lift from Facebook friends recently and got this beauty!

ImageNorthern Harrier juvenile male on log by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

Road Trip to Okanagan!

ImageRed-tailed Hawk eating snake by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

Reifel Bird Sanctuary Outing

ImageRough-legged Hawk flying above by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

Burnaby Lake Red-tailed Hawk

ImageRed-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr
I was driving through one of the busiest intersections in Nanaimo ( Bowen & Northfield)
this morning,when I spotted these Peregrine Falcons on the lamp post right on the
corner. Fortunately,they waited until I had found a parking spot. Lesson learned : Always
carry your camera with you !!
Gary Magnusson

ImageIMG_7017 by Gary Magnusson, on Flickr
Pictures courtesy of ogopogo

Rough-legged Hawk

Cooper's Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk with snake

Red-tailed Hawk

ogopogo asked me one more time to host her pictures until she gets a new computer and i will do so. :)
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