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I spent most of January down in Colombia shooting and guiding a photo workshop.

Here are 3 of my favourites from the trip.

Full trip report here -



Multicolored Tanager

Purple-backed Thornbill

Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager
I got the Scarlet-bellied in Ecuador and it is a fantastic bird, but the Multicolored Tanager is spectacular.
Gonna have to get in touch with my old Colombian pen-pal and see if he wants to get together down there one of these days. :)
thanks for sharing this cornucopia of colour from Colombia Glenn! you have a gift for ferreting out the rarest of birds for your travel patrons. so many more beauties in your trip report and the grasshopper, as pretty as any bird. nice to see the lodge and surrounding area shot too. a natural hotsprings-bonus!
do you ever do Hawk trips?
Oh my. These are all incredible! The Multicolored Tanager is breathtaking and the Masked Flowerpiercer (sounds like a serial killer's name or something) is such a vivid blue. Love the Buff-tailed Coronet with his little boots too. All of your photos are beyond beautiful but those are 3 that stood out for me. I don't travel at all, so this is how I see the birds of the world.
Thank you so much for posting.
Beautiful images of very colourful birds.

I just recently purchased a book entitled "Birdwatching in Colombia" by Beckers & Florez. Very daunting book with oodles of locations, bus fares, phone numbers, walking distances, horse rental rates, etc. One of the issues addressed in the book was Security. Several locations were considered "not safe" as of the publication date in 2013. I recall that recently the agreement with the guerrillas was broken. It was never clear whether "not safe" referred to guerrilla activity, drug gangs, or just plain robbers - or all of the above.

Did you ever have concerns regarding security?
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