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By jewill
** Warning ** The pictures are a little bit graphic (not too terribly bad) but are nature in all it's glory.

I was doing my regular Friday volunteer shift at OWL today and something rather interesting occurred. We are used to seeing Bald Eagles in the area all the time, so much so, that it almost gets to the point of "Oh, it's just an eagle". I try not to get so nonchalant because these birds are magnificent - strong, powerful, beautiful and graceful all at the same time.
This wild adult Bald Eagle was noticed on the property, just inside the gate and at the side of the driveway, devouring what appears to be a Herring Gull. No one saw him (could be a her though, don't know) arrive with the take-out lunch but we intently watched as he plucked feathers, snapped bones and ripped the meat off. The entire meal lasted for about an hour and the eagle was generally not concerned with the presence of humans, crows, juvenile eagles and the local Northern Harrier that did a fly-by to see what was up. When it was finished the eagle waddled over to the field next door, flew for about 5 feet, and landed on the opposite side of a berm and out of our sight. I honestly think the bird was too full to fly!
Here are just 3 pictures, more on on my Flickr page if anyone is interested. These were taken with my Lumix camera that I keep in the car at all times for occasions just like this! Although the quality is not as good as with my Canon, I'm glad I had it with me.
Bald Eagle 1 (Adult) by Jewill, on Flickr

Bald Eagle 5 (Adult) by Jewill, on Flickr

Bald Eagle 7 (Adult) by Jewill, on Flickr

Thanks for looking and I hope I didn't cause anyone to lose their own dinner :lol:.
wow! reminds me of the time i was at work and a pair of eagles took down a canada goose in the old CN train station parking lot here in North Van (soon to be the new waste water treatment plant - not likely to become the new Iona for birds though, it will be covered for the most part).
I wasn't 100% into birds yet and it wasn't as exciting as it would be now.

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