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By zwest
While I've repeatedly dipped on the crossbills and my nemesis Northern Saw-whet Owl, I've also had quite a few good outings over the last couple of weeks.

The Redpoll invasion of Reifel was remarkable. They seem to have mostly moved on now.



At the Tsawwassen jetty, I found the Whimbrel! (if you're looking for it, I'd suggest doing more listening than watching as it is very loud when it moves from one spot to the next):


I also located the band of Gray-crowned Rosy-finches downtown and was able to get a non-up-in-tree shot before they all took off.


Then my first Pygmy-Owl, at a secret location somewhere on the North Shore. 8)


Just yesterday, I found an American Bittern at the NW corner of Reifel:



I was very appreciative that he came out in the sun for a quick pose before vanishing into the reeds again.

I was also able to check a few more off my list: Green Heron, Black Scoter, Canvasback and Redhead, but those photos are a bit "meh" and probably not worth posting here.

I hope you are all having some good luck as well!

zwest wrote:
revs wrote:Nice work Zach!
Where were you looking for crossbills?
Mostly the Reifel/Alaksen entrance area, plus once at Acadia Beach.
oh right, the White-winged, i was thinking Red.

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