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I too enjoy watching the birds at my feeder. I get the same as you, however I’ve not seen a Golden-crowned Sparrow at the feeder yet either. Lucky you! Last year the towhees and juncos both brought their offspring, and I was even treated to a family of Northern Flickers too. I hope they will all be back this year and maybe you will get to adopt a family as well.
Thank you everyone. I have had my feeders up for three winters now and this is the first winter I have had a couple of golden-crowned sparrows coming regularly. Other years, I had regular song sparrows, but not this year. I have a family of chickadees that come every year all year round. The juncos are regulars and the towhees have been coming for three winters also.

As for Flickers, they don't stay in my area. They seem to come for a few hours in July and again in winter.

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