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Regarding Goldeneye. Here are images of a Barrow's Goldeneye and also of a pair of Common Goldeneye. Note that the wings of the Barrow's suggest white on black colouration, whereas the colouration of the Common male seems opposite. Of course the white cheek patch is the key ID marker.



Bonus photo of a Bald Eagle. Exceedingly "unrare", but I noticed the band (675) on its leg. Not a job I would want to undertake. Even the little ones are likely to be a handful.

Hi Mike...where was the pic of the Bald Eagle taken? Since it was banded I was curious so I called OWL and asked if they could trace the partial number. There was 1 female with the last 5 digits of 02675 that was involved in inter-species fighting, found in South Surrey and released in October 2017. It’s always a treat to find out that 1 of “our” birds is doing well.
And ‘yes’ it is a difficult task to band them; they are unbelievably strong and you can imagine that they don’t particularly like having it done (even though it’s painless), so they are not exactly cooperating. I admire the person who is actually attaching the band - he/she is not wearing protective gloves and just has to trust that the person holding the bird has good control of it.
Thanks for posting your pictures.
The BE was in south Surrey - Elgin Heritage Park. There are many Ducks swimming in the Serpentine River (thousands) and I saw several BEs. This one did get into a scuffle of sorts with another and landed in a tree right over my head. Hence, the very close photo of immense size. I think there are too many BEs around right now.

"inter-species fighting".... maybe "intra-species"? Except for the Golden Eagle, I can't imagine another species taking on a BE.

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