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I was over at Munson Pond in Kelowna trying to photograph a few warblers when I heard this loud splashing noise behind me -- thinking it was a duck landing I turned around and was surprised to see an Osprey sitting in the water. After about three seconds, it took off holding this large fish. Like a plane that was too heavy, it started flying in a circle around the lake trying to get altitude ... it flew two circles and landed in a tree. Here's a series of three photos I was able to capture as it circled.
(I didn't realize there was a red-winged blackbird following the circle until I looked at the pictures later).

Here it's beginning to get some height!
It was flapping with all of its might!
The blackbird is still in sight.
When it finally landed I think it was a little dazed. haha. The look on the fish's face is classic. It's like, "Uh Oh ... I'm not supposed to be here." The fish is huge compared to the Osprey.
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