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By Slabs
Love this thread as I am a great fan of "ordinary" birds (even thought they are not remotely ordinary!). Some wonderful images here.

The reason for the oddball subject line on my post is that I am aiming for a twofer here: posting an ordinary bird picture plus trying out posting an image from my new Flickr account!

P1120049 by Alwyn S, on Flickr
Excellent idea for a thread! Here's the common of the common. Ordinary of the ordinary. Invasive of the invasive... actually maybe that's reserved for European Starling. But anyway - House Sparrow!

ImageHouse Sparrow female by Logan Lalonde - I'm Back!, on Flickr
House Sparrow
Owls in Victoria

Hello many thanks to Ogopogo and Richard? for help[…]

ID, please


A Barred Owl Family Today

The expression in the second photo is priceless.

Proof of Presence et al

I stopped by Lighthouse Park in Pt. Roberts today […]