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All About Owl Baiting by Michael Furtman

What Is Owl Baiting?

Owl baiting is a technique practiced by some photographers to get owls to perform for the camera. Using live mice, or sometimes a toy mouse manipulated with a fishing rod, photographers lure the bird to attack in order to produce dramatic, but fake, photos. It is considered unethical by many fellow photographers, and is of great concern to birders and natural resource managers. It is sometimes euphemistically called "feeding" by baiters to make it sound less harmful.

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Good well written article. Worth a read.
I have read through this article and the focus is on the impact of owl baiting. Information about owl baiting is for informational purposes and is not a 'how to' guide.

An alternative title could be "The Harm and Impacts of Owl Baiting"

Informative read, thanks Hawkman.


Reminder this is a hot topic so please keep it civil. This website does not condone owl baiting as it goes against the
Principles of Ethical Field Practices.
I prefer serendipity but to each their own.
Yes totally agree.Serendipity is a much more rewarding experience.Its obvious that there will always be 2 sides to this behaviour.I believe it definitely at the very least creates a chance of harming these beautiful birds.Even if it's a small chance why take that risk just for a photo.
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