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By wendylou
Hello! I saw what to me looks ALMOST like a Downy Woodpecker this morning at Mill Lake in Abbotsford, but it has the red on the head. Is this a hybrid? Or do I need a new book? Definitely has the white patch on the back. Thanks for your help!

ImageDowny Woodpecker Hybrid? by Wendy Gorner, on Flickr

ImageDowny Woodpecker Hybrid? by Wendy Gorner, on Flickr

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By wendylou
Hi Kevin,

I have the Sibley second edition. I like that it has both genders and lots of juvenile drawings as well. The Sibley guide mentions that the Downy with the red on the head is eastern. You are right, the google images definitely show it as a Downy. Such cute little birds!

Thanks for your help.

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By BirdingBC
Sibley's is a good guide so you are well set for the next ID puzzle. I checked out my copy of Sibley's 2nd a noticed the guide offered a plate of the female pacific downy and the eastern male. That makes it a bit more confusing to ID as the book does not say specifically that eastern and western males look about the same (where the western is a bit duskier as in the female picture.) National Geographic guide just lists male and female Downy Woodpecker and then states that the birds in the pacific are more pale grey/brown in the back and underparts.

Good Birding,

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