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I dumped my memory card recently and also Finalized some older photos.

Recently I've encountered a couple of Birders who were looking for Common Terns. I know I suggested Blackie Spit to them. Also, they sometimes show up at the end of the South Jetty at Iona.

A couple of days ago at Blackie Spit, I came across the largest flock of this species I have yet seen. At high tide they were sitting on a gravel island just off shore. I counted over 30 birds and believe that more were out of sight. Better seen in larger size on Flickr.


Also at Blackie Spit there is a growing population of Eurasian Wigeons. When I was photographing some Marbled Godwits, I counted the Wigeons in the background and fully 50% were of the Eurasian variety. Alas, Ducks being Ducks, there are also hybrid Wigeons present. Illustrated below. American Wigeon followed by Eurasian Wigeon followed by a hybrid.




And a couple of Warbler photos from Sunday. Usually I hear, but don't see Common Yellowthroat. They always seem to be complaining while in hiding. However, this male was very bold, coming out of cover to pose nicely.


Finally I stumbled upon a foraging Wilson's Warbler

Proof of Presence et al

What a great series of interesting species.

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