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By quadrakid
lewis woodpeckerImageSwallow?Imageflycatchr?Imagebullocks maleImagewarbling vireoImagecassins finchImageospreyImagefemale bullocksImagewren?Imagewestern kingbirdImage
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By BirdingBC
Thanks for sharing.

Here's some help with IDs.

Lewis Woodpecker
Western Wood Pewee (looks like it, but not 100% sure)
Empidonax Flycachers sp. (call and habitat help to narrow down which one)
Bullock's oriole (m)
Warbling Vireo
Finch sp. (I don't know cassins finch ID, others can confirm here)
Bullock's oriole (f)
House Wren
Eastern Kingbird

Good Birding,
By Jeremy Gatten
I reckon the empid is a Willow Flycatcher. I agree on everything else with the exception of the vireo and finch. I would go with Red-eyed Vireo (prominent dark lores) and female House Finch.

Enjoy the Okanagan birding!

Jeremy Gatten
Saanichton, BC
Manning Park

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