Welcome to the BC Birding! Introduce yourself and add a few lines about yourself & where you live.
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By stumblingpiper
Ok -- I'll be the first! lol. I had this submitted on our 2019 challenge ...
My name is James, I live in Kelowna. I've been here since April 2017 ... I retired from the US Air Force in March of 2017. I'm a life-long "Bird watcher"--started in 1975. Not sure I would qualify as a birder; however, I have taken several trips just for bird-watching. I still have my Golden Field Guide "Birds of North America."


I wouldn't classify myself as avid but I do pay attention...haha. I finally saw the Lazuli Bunting and completed the Trifecta of birds on the front of my book. lol. My life list currently stands at 1,100 ... I'm going for 150 in BC this year. I think birding is a fantastic hobby.

If I had to describe myself, I would say I'm a list-maker first, birder second, and photographer a distant third. haha.


For those who like equipment: 1) Nikon Monarch 3 8x42 Binoculars -- glad they are waterproof! They've been all over the world and are still working ... but maybe I'll replace them this year! 2) Nikon P900 point-and-shoot 83x zoom (slow to focus and track but great for distant shots ... terrible in low light). 3) Bushnell Trophy XLT Spotting Scope (not so fast with that one!) 4) Nikon D500 with NIKKOR 55-300 lens (still reading the instruction manual). lol

If you are in the area, feel free to contact me (stumblingpiper at hotmail).

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By BirdingBC
..of course you have been with us for a while now. :wink:

Welcome James! Thanks for starting up the Photo Challenges. I know there is a lot of birders taking pics of the birds they see. I for one have a large collection of personal shots (that are gathering pixel dust on my computer). I am glad I now have more of a purpose for 'new' shots then simply to fill up my hard drive!

Cheers and good birding,
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