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Vancouver Rare Bird Alert Transcript

This is Nature
Vancouver's Bird Alert for Friday, April 11, 2014 sponsored by
Wild Birds Unlimited in Vancouver and North Vancouver.  If you
wish to report a rare, unusual or interesting bird, please phone
the main number at 604-737-3074, press "2" for the rare bird
reporting line, and follow the instructions given there.   To
post online go to  Please
provide photos whenever possible.

Mountain Bluebird are still around.
Townsend's Solitaire are still being seen.
Starting to show:  Savannah Sparrow, Orange-crowned Warbler,
Common Yellowthroat, Brown-headed Cowbird, Hermit Thrush and


Friday, April 11
7-8 Turkey Vulture were observed moving through Surrey around
132nd St and 92 Ave.

a female Mountain Bluebird, a Hermit Thrush, an Osprey and a
Brown-headed Cowbird were seen at Maplewood Conservation Area in
North Vancouver.

2 Brown-headed Cowbird were seen at Reifel Migratory Bird
Sanctuary in Ladner.

Thursday, April 10
a Greater Yellowlegs and a Lesser Yellowlegs, 8 RED-NECKED GREBE
in breeding plumage, and 5 Horned Grebe in breeding plumage were
observed at Blackie Spit in Crescent Beach.

a Hermit Thrush and a female Mountain Bluebird were reported
from Maplewood Conservation Area in North Vancouver.

Wednesday, April 9
a Mourning Dove, a Northern Shrike, Mountain Bluebird, Sora,
Brewer's Blackbird and Brown-headed Cowbird were seen at Colony
Farm Regional Park in Coquitlam.

a Townsend's Solitaire was seen along Standish Drive in the
Blueridge area of North Vancouver.

Tuesday, April 8
5 Marbled Godwit were seen at Centennial Beach in Tsawassen.

Mourning Dove was seen at Boundary Bay Regional Park in

Monday, April 7
4 flightless (moulting) Red-throated Loon were observed in the
Salish Sea from the Galiano Island to Tsawassen ferry.

a Say's Phoebe along with Orange-crowned Warbler, COMMON
YELLOWTHROAT, and 7 Mountain Bluebird were seen at Colony Farm
Regional Park in Coquitlam.

a Townsend's Solitaire was seen at Cecil Green House and a
Red-naped Sapsucker was reported from the Museum of Anthropology
at Point Grey near UBC.

Sunday, April 6
a Townsend's Solitaire was observed in the residential area
south of Centennial Beach in Tsawassen.

4 Tufted Puffin, 1 Red-throated Loon and 2,000+ BONAPARTE'S GULL
were observed in the Salish Sea from the Tsawassen to Galiano
Island ferry.

a Brewer's Blackbird was reported from Piper Spit at Burnaby
Lake Regional Park.

Saturday, April 5
The Common Teal was still present at Beach Grove Lagoon in

Thursday, April 3
a Blue Jay was observed in the Southlands area.  Most likely the
same bird present in that area during the winter.

***For reporting dates for rare birds please see,

***For owl reporting guidelines please see,

For a summary of extremely rare bird sightings throughout
British Columbia,
check "British Columbia Bird Alert" at .

A brief account of 31 of the best birding locations in the
Vancouver area
can be found on the Nature Vancouver website at .

If you have any questions about birds or birding in the
Vancouver area,
please call Wayne Weber at 604-597-7201, Larry Cowan at
604-465-1402, or
Viveka Ohman at 604-531-3401.

This message was prepared and distributed by Julian Hudson

NOTE: The Vancouver RBA tape transcribes will be reposted here when they forwarded to Birding in BC. Thank you for your interest.

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