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A starting place for birding information for British Columbia, Canada. This web site features a birders discussion forum, links to birding newsgroups, articles and book reviews, checklists, regional hotspots, photo gallery, weather reports, and visiting birder information.

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Where is the best place to go
bird watching in British Columbia?

The answer, anywhere! British Columbia is a vast and diverse natural region of Canada located on the Pacific Flyway that hosts many world renowned birding locations. From offshore pelagics to high alpine plateau, from temperate rainforests to pocket deserts, from coastal cliffs to rolling prairie, British Columbia has it all.

Photo Stream: Birds of British Columbia

February Birding Tips

  • Birds are beginning to grow their breeding plummage.
  • Similar species may join mixed flocks and flock together. Look for a rare bird mixed with common species.
  • Good places to search include berry bushes and cone trees. Check pine and fir trees, aspens, arbutus, hawthorns, snowberry bushes
  • Check harvested farm fields, mud flats, estuaries, and the sea shore for shorebirds, owls and raptors, sparrows, and other passerines.
  • Check and watch activity around bird feeders. Birds will be foraging most of the day and some develop feeding patterns based on the availibility of food in a location.
  • Scan along the tree-tops and along fence rows for a perched raptor, owl, or shrike.
  • Scan farm fields, lakes, bays, and open water for a variety of ducks, geese, and other waterfowl species.
  • On a stormy day, check grass fields for gulls

Depending on the weather patterns, there is a chance of early spring migrants to appear in late February.

Recommended Bird Finding Guide Books for BC

Kaufman Field Guide to Advanced Birding
Birding Challenges and How to Approach Them

A great resource for learning advanced identification skills!

The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition
Essential field guide for identifying our North American Birds.

Good clear colour plates with notes and key details to help with bird identification.

Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs Western Region: 4 CD's Learning

Bird songs and calls will enhance your birding experience and help you identify "something new" in the bush..

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