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A starting place for birding information for British Columbia, Canada. This web site features a birders discussion forum, links to birding news and sighting reports, regional hotspots and site guides, photo stream, weather reports, and visiting birder information.

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Where is the best place to go
bird watching in British Columbia?

The answer, anywhere! British Columbia is a vast and diverse natural region of Canada located on the Pacific Flyway that hosts many world renowned birding locations. From offshore pelagics to high alpine plateau, from temperate rainforests to pocket deserts, from coastal cliffs to rolling prairie, British Columbia has it all.

Photo Stream: Birds of British Columbia

August Birding Tips

Shorebirds are moving south.

  • Watch for juvenile birds as they often look different from their parents
  • Listen for the persistent calls from hungry young
  • Start early in the day as birds are most active in the morning (birds avoid hot sun as well)
  • Forests, Meadows, Hilltop, and Sea and Oceans should have an abundance of species to view.
  • During breeding and post-breeding, song birds will quiet down so listen and learn their call sounds, however some species may continue to sing.
  • Post breeding shorebirds begin their southern migration in July with juveniles migrating mid-August/September
  • Post breeding adults and juveniles may wander outside their normal range, watch for rare species
  • Many birds molt in summer and develop an alternate/eclipse plumage which is more drab, offering a better natural camouflage.

Recommended Bird Finding Guide Books for BC

Kaufman Field Guide to Advanced Birding
Birding Challenges and How to Approach Them

A great resource for learning advanced identification skills!

The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition
Essential field guide for identifying our North American Birds.

Good clear colour plates with notes and key details to help with bird identification.

Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs Western Region: 4 CD's Learning

Bird songs and calls will enhance your birding experience and help you identify "something new" in the bush..

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