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By KenW
Just spent a few days in the Cariboo exploring some lesser known grasslands, abandoned homesteads, hoodoos, and sand dunes, as well as getting a bit of birding in.
Just a few shots
A couple of areas that I have found to good spots for birds if you are passing by are
Scout island in Williams Lake. A nature centre just off the highway right in town.. Kind of your typical caribou wetlands, a bird magnet. I had over 30 species in about an hour there

The other spot is the Louis Guichon Grasslands Interpretive Area. On Hwy 5C about 9 km up out of Merritt. There are trails through grasslands, marsh, riparian and Douglas fir. Within 5 min of getting out of my car and was shooting red naped sapsuckers and western tanagers and the sora.
So easily accessible and good for even a 15 min stop
Pretty sure I have these all ID'd correctly

western tanager ( female)
red naped sapsucker
northern Harrier

red necked grebe

Was at another of my favourite spots, around noon, 32 degrees, not a creature was stirring, even the grasshoppers were sleeping, was about to give up when I virtually walked into this next one


great horned owl
By KenW
Thx mel

BTW, sorry Mel, no photos of the bob-o-link. there were 4 of us and most of us spent an afternoon looking--- got skunked

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Thanks again! P