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By Oehoe
The photos were taken in Cuba, but the species have most likely made their way into BC at some point? The first I'm guessing is an American redstart female, the second a palm warbler, the third a red eyed vireo. If I am not permitted to ask IDs of birds out of BC, I do apologise.

Unknown passerine by Leonide Shoujun Ye Gauthier, on Flickr

Palm warbler? by Leonide Shoujun Ye Gauthier, on Flickr

Red-eyed vireo? by Leonide Shoujun Ye Gauthier, on Flickr
Hi Leonide,

Your first bird is in fact a female black-throated blue warbler! The white "handkerchief" on the primaries, among other things, is distinctive. Next, you have a palm warbler of the "Western" subspecies, pretty close to full breeding plumage. Quite a pretty bird! Finally, your last bird is a black-whiskered vireo. It looks similar to the red-eyed vireos we are familiar with here, but with the namesake black line on the malar ("moustache area") beneath the bill.

Nice birds! Looks like a fun trip. :)


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