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By Matyas13

I was at Salmon Arm Bay yesterday evening and was looking for shorebirds to the right of the wharf. I saw a Greater Yellowlegs and a shorebird beside it. I snapped a photo from a far and could not really get much field marks with my binoculars. ... ed-public/

Its a very rough image so all help or suggestion's are appreiciated!

By Isaac
Hi Matyas,

Long-billed is the more common species in the Interior, but like Mel said, it is hard to tell from a distant photo, especially for adult birds which are harder to identify (this one looks like an adult). I believe both species are similar in size, so it is probably not a good ID feature to go by.

By Matyas13
Hi Isaac!

Thank you I was not aware of that bit of information. I will leave it as "dowitcher sp" for now!

Thanks and Cheers

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