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By Garym
We were at Reifel on Aug 26, and got some good Yellowlegs shots. I was about to delete my rejects, when I noticed one of the birds looked a bit different. Upon closer inspection, I think it may be a Stilt. With so much confusion regarding ID on the Sandpipers, I would sure like some confirmation or correction.
Gary Magnusson
I'd go with a Western Sandpiper on this one. The juvenile Stilt Sandpipers that we get at this time of year will have some streaking or "buffyness" on the chest, which this bird is lacking. Note how white the front of the body is. Also, the general body shape fits Western Sandpiper much better, although it is in a pose that resembles the long-necked shape of a Stilt. Seeing the two species side by side, the size difference would be very apparent, with the Stilt Sandpiper being much larger.
By Garym
Thanks, Liron ... I had thought that the longer neck, and the prominent white eyebrow would have pointed at the Stilt, but, maybe not.
Hey Gary, I agree with Liron but totally can see why you were confused here with the prominent white eyebrow you would see in Stilt Sandpiper.

There is a Juvenile Stilt currently at Beach Grove.

Here is a photo of one taken yesterday ... 29&p=79561

As you can see and how Liron described it is a little different in pattern and you can't see in your photo of course but maybe you recall that your bird had black legs? A stilt sandpiper would have yellow legs and be larger than a western and have a longer bill with a bulbous tip.

More info on both species here: ... ndpiper/id


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