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By kfyoung
I have been puzzling over the correct identification for this one for some time. Most Flycatchers seem to have a pale lower mandible whereas this one looks pretty dark, but otherwise I think the size and shape says flycatcher. I note the very clear eye-ring, the fairly long primaries. Most descriptions I have found however don't cite the very notable yellow flashes as most descriptions mention more olive type tones.
The photo was taken in December at Boundary Bay in Delta. ID assistance would be appreciated

Flycatcher by Ken Young, on Flickr
By kfyoung
Thanks for the input. It is funny how your mind can lock on to a particular bird and just get hung up. I agree that the Yellow-rumped Warbler is more likely. Most books focus on the male but I expect this is a female.

Thanks again ( I better update my Flickr tags!)

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Alright, thank you very much for your expertise!