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By Jenwebdev
So I met this guy (or gal) out at Reifel this week and can't figure an ID on it.

The closest I can figure is a Peregrine Falcon from the head and tail, but the wing and body patterning isn't Peregrine-ish, and it's darker parts were more brown than blue-black. It's the wrong shape and colouring for a red-tailed hawk, and too big for a kestrel-type.

There's not many raptors that have that white chest splotch, but the patterning is mismatched to anything I can find, so I can't nail it down. Any help would be great, thanks.



By Jenwebdev
Thanks, Matthew.

Those dang morphs. I compared him against every red-tailed shot I have (including one seen the same day, that looked completely different), plus guides on and offline, and he just wouldn't match.

Appreciate the help, cheers.
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