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By Matyas13

I was out on Okanagan Lake when I saw a massive flock of 40+ waterfowl flying in a flock!
Rough shots, wondering if anyone can Id them for me. I hane noticed that they have a white top of the wing on some of them.


Thanks and cheers!
You have White Winged Scoters, scoters are sea ducks and won't see the wing patch on water the patch show's up in flight or when they flap wings..largest of the three scoters..they come to McLeese Lake during the migration and leave just before freeze up..

minus 6 right now

By birdergirl
Isaiah, I think you are on to something, note the head shape it's very merganser like. Note also the thin bill appearance and the small white wing patch he describes also lends credence to that ID hypothesis. However, at this distance and resolution I don't think anyone can be sure other than it's a duck sp.

We get flocks of scoters inland here in the Cariboo on most lakes and Mergansers are usually gone by now..Scoters float in huge flocks on our lake..I live on a fare size lake and see both birds this time of year.I still say scoters..Mergansers fly with bill,head,body, and tail on the same horizontal axis,also have a longer wing than scoters..just my thoughts

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