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By ogopogo
Dec 8, 2016-someone posted on eBird Dec 7 at 12:18pm a sighting of a Rough-legged Hawk, now changed to a Harlan's RTHA, location 27 (2700 block) Rock Bay Ave and David St which is near the Bay St bridge industrial area (waste mgmt/garden mulch piles etc) and Gorge Waterway. I walked over there this morning down Bay St to 2500 Rock Bay Ave and noticed (10:10am) what was up there flying around. Looks like a Bald Eagle Juv to me but I'd like your help on the ID. Here are two (pardon the poor quality) shots from this morning followed by a fan shot of the Harlan's on Beacon Hill Nov 15.
I walked the whole area and didn't see any other hawks or eagles.
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