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By Calidris33
I saw a gorgeous cinnamon teal duck at Serpentine Fen (along with tons of northern shovelers and an otter!). It was a new one for me. Are they unusual, or is it just that I've never been lucky before? Got a nice photo too, but can't work out how to use Flickr from my iPad!!!!
By KenW
They are not nearly as common as other ducks
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By BirdingBC
Good Spotting. A smaller population of cinnamon teal regularly migrate through BC as they stop over and sometimes breed in our area. Usually found as a 2-4 birds in the marsh and wetlands areas. They blend in fairly well so not always easy to spot.

Here's some data on the Cinnamon Teal occurring in Metro Vancouver:

Cinnamon Teal bar chart ... spp=cintea

Cinnamon Teal in Vancouver ... 75&gp=true

Good birding,
By Calidris33
Thanks Kevin.
It was lovely!
If, as Admin, you can edit my title to "teal" and not "real" I would be very happy!
(Damned I pad always wants to correct me!)

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