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By KenW
I'm going to stick my neck out and suggest blue winged teal. hard to tell, but it looks like the white crescent behind the bill that is typical of BWTE. The rest of the coloration is a bit off though. a hybrid? It just doesn't look goldeneye-ish to me.

A better birder than me will likely prove me wrong :)
By mcrosbie
This bird was swimming in salt water. It seems to be on its own. One other birder suggested as a comment on my Flicker post of this photo that it was a Common Goldeneye. It has the gold-coloured eye. It has the white patch just behind the black beak. It was mostly black plummage and has a few white spots on top of it. It appears to have pink or red legs.
By rawalker
Definitely a goldeneye. Its head shape looks like common to me so I would go with 1st winter male common goldeneye.

Thank you, Judy.

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