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Ignore the names I have given the photos attached. The location is incorrect.

When I first saw this bird, I just thought it was a Swainson's Thrush and snapped a couple of photos before it disappeared from view. A couple of months later when Finalizing the images, I had second thoughts. The colour and spotting and possible eye ring bothered me. I checked the range map of another Thrush and found that indeed, it covers the area where I saw this bird. (Swainson's are almost everywhere.) This bird was seen within a few feet of the shore of a small lake. Some Thrushes like such environments.

Any comments?


By rawalker
Great photos. I'm sticking with Swainson's based on colouration and spectacles. :)
Actually this bird was seen "inland", in an area that is within the published range of the Veery. However, I now think it is a "Russet" Swainson's. I didn't hear any calls from it. The best location I have found to photograph the Veery is the boardwalk at Vaseux Lake. I regularly hear them at Road 22, but seldom see them.

Thanks for the comments/suggestions.....
Half-way through Finalizing trip photos as taken with the Sony RX-10 camera when I came upon this photo taken at the same location as the Thrush above, on the same day. See how the spotting on this photo goes further down the chest than in the images at the top of this topic. This is how I expect a Swainson's Thrush to appear. The Veery has less spotting and is more brown... Puzzling.

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