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Snow Goose?

Posted: Oct 11 6:43 pm
by Adamsun
Hello! I am an inexperienced birdwatcher who is learning to ID birds. I've never seen this bird at Burnaby Lake (Piper Spit). Merlin matches it with a Snow Goose, so that's what I suspect it is. Apologies for the quality.


Re: Snow Goose?

Posted: Oct 11 8:17 pm
by jewill
Welcome to the forum Adamsun! Unfortunately your photo is not showing up in your post, however having said that, Snow Geese have been known to hang out at Piper Spit once in a while.
It’s a little tricky learning how to post a photo but there is a whole discussion about it here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=934
With a little practice, and lots of use of the Preview button, you’ll get it in no time.