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Help with duck id

Posted: Dec 10 8:10 am
by alanlu
Dear experts, I need help with id of this duck which I saw a few days ago among a flock of snow geese. I suspect it is a hybrid. But of what? Thanks in advance. ... en-public/

Re: Help with duck id

Posted: Dec 10 9:14 am
by BirdingBC
Looks like a Green-winged Teal. Common winter migrant in the lower mainland and on the coast. Usually found in flooded fields. ... maps-range


Re: Help with duck id

Posted: Dec 10 4:45 pm
by alanlu
Thx for the reply. But it looks different from the green-winged teal with no hint of green nor the vertial bar. Also its beak seems a bit longer than usual.

Re: Help with duck id

Posted: Dec 10 4:58 pm
by jewill
Agreed...Green-winged Teal, immature male transitioning to adult winter plumage.
It can be tricky at this time of year because many birds are rather drab looking but just wait until spring when they are all in their finest “outfits”.

Re: Help with duck id

Posted: Dec 10 7:07 pm
by BirdingBC
Yes, this teal did look a bit different. I think Judy is correct that this bird is still transitioning into standard male plumage. The white vertical bar and the green in the secondaries can be hidden at times. I would need to see additional photos to compare. Bill looks normal to me.

Have a look at these other photos on Flickr as there are a number of birds that look similar. ... ged%20teal

Upon review, I did consider an Intersex bird but don't think this is the case. This bird has mostly male patterning. Not an expert on intersex birds so don't really know what this could look like. Not a lot of detail on the web.

I don't think it is a Green winged teal x hybrid as I am not seeing any patterning that suggests parts of another duck sp.


Re: Help with duck id

Posted: Dec 11 7:08 am
by alanlu
Thx for the expert views. It's a great learning experience. Have a good day!

Re: Help with duck id

Posted: Dec 20 1:10 pm
by phainopepla6
I am no expert, but it looks like a green winged teal cinnamon teal hybrid to me.
Happy birding,
- Adam