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Hi folks;

I am relatively new to birding and have some mystery birds from a trip to Blackie Spit today.

FIrst off, what I think might be a female Western Tanager?

Next, what I thought might be a Song Sparrow but the plumage on the chest didn't seem quite right:

Next, what is either a Golden Eagle or the biggest darn juvenile Bald Eagle I've ever seen (seriously, this guy absolutely dwarfed the other Baldies about):

And finally, maybe another Sparrow, but again not quite as I would expect it to look like:

Thanks in advance for your help!
The first one looks like a female or immature finch (either House or Purple).

Next is an immature White-crowned Sparrow (note the bill colour, always the easiest way to tell).

Then a young Bald Eagle (their fluffy feathers make them look larger than their parents).

The last one I think is a Song Sparrow.

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