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By eastmeetswest
1t time here
I live in north Naramata in the Okanagan .
I get to see eagles, hawks, owls, woodpeckers, and tons of birds on my property.
I hear and see great horned owls all the time, so my question is what is ***another type of night bird call. I've researched and listened to all the BC night bird calls, and to no avail. Its similar to the Western Screech call, but lower pitched.
It's a long drawn out medium pitched sound, sort of broken up and lengthy
It always starts after 9 pm, and can go until 2 am sometimes. Almost like a flute gurgling water
Any answers would be greatly appreciated
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By BirdingBC
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Hmmm, tough one. Are you located near the lake or up in the hills (forested)? Location may help narrow down possibilities. Has it been calling this winter (and last few days) or this call happen at some other time of the year?

Now, Western Screech Owl comes in at a mid-pitch on the bird sound spectrum and you say it is similar to this but lower? There is some variation in the screech owls that can make the sound higher or lower..or weirder. There are also regional variations. If you are in a treed area and sound coming from the forests, I would not rule out screech owl but the sound as your described does suggest we investigate other possibilities first.

First up, perhaps this is a Boreal Owl. These occur occur in the okanagan in winter, usually found at the higher elevations. Call is similar to the western screech owl.
eastmeetswest wrote:It's a long drawn out medium pitched sound, sort of broken up and lengthy
Common Loon -- often does the long wail and then chatters at night and sound carries quite far. Does sound somewhat like a gurgling flute. Loons could be on the lake somewhere and the hoots and tremelo chatter in getting broken up due to distance or bird turning its head an projecting the sound in different directions.

Killdeer -- they call at night, perhaps too high a pitch, but not a does not making a flute gurgling sound.

Eurasian Collared Dove -- maybe these birds have shown up in your area. ... ove/sounds

American Bittern -- would be down in a marsh somewhere if it is wintering in your area. Might be too off here. ... ern/sounds

Last I am thinking for a Ptarmigan or Grouse sp. call of some sort. They make a deeper sound and could occur in your area.

Now, I still might be off. Welcome others to take a crack at this mystery bird.

By eastmeetswest
I finally recorded what I think might be a screech owl
I can't upload recordings onto this forum unfortunately
Id help

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