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Hi all,

I am not a birder but have become captivated by a bird call in my backyard in Diver Lake. I know it's a chickadee but it's song does not match any of the chestnut packed chickadee sounds I have listened to. The one it most closely matches is a black capped chickadee but apparently they are not usually in this area? I have tried bird identification apps with no luck. I have a small snippet recording of it. I am hoping I can email it to someone and they can help me identify this bird?

Thanks so much for your help!

In fact there are NO confirmed records of Black-capped Chickadees from Vancouver Island. To confirm the species the record committee requires a PHOTO. Most postings of this mainland species are of those not knowing the range of the chickadee species or misidentifications. I would be happy to hear your recording. You can send it to

Keith Taylor
author of Birds of Vancouver Island
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