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Hi everyone;

Having just started this hobby in January I am finding it both highly enjoyable and highly confusing at times (ha). Last week's trip to Serpentine River left me with three birds that I am not entirely sure of an ID for, hoping this community has a more definite answer!

Bird 1:
I think this is an American Pipit given location (on the ground, next to a puddle on a field) and markings but am not certain.

Bird 2:
I am relatively certain this is either a Western Sandpiper or a Least Sandpiper but can't tell them apart all that well. I will say that these guys (there were about 6-10, same puddle as the Maybe Pipit above) were very small.

Bird 3:
About 3-4 of these in the canopy, eating the new growth. On other pictures the white throat is more evident, as is a bit of a white eye ring. I've looked at various thrushes and wrens but none seem quite 'right'...

Hi Patrick,

First bird appears to be an American Pipit. These should be in abundance on the mudflats right now.

The second bird is a 'peep' for sure but I can't quite tell from the photo.

Least Sandpiper: Yellow Legs
Western Sandpiper: Black Legs

Peeps at a distance are always difficult and the Least's can get their legs muddy making the ID more difficult. The make it a bit more difficult, we do get Semipalmated Sandpipers here as well, but in low numbers.

Here are some resource to help with Peep IDs ... 4p40w1.pdf ... 0Peeps.pdf ... 06pt2.html

The third build is a Yellow-rumped "Myrtle" warbler. Here on the Island and across the lower mainland, we are just past the prime migration time for these birds and there should be lots of them around.

Thanks Kevin! That's great.

I have a few other photos that clearly show the yellow legs, so I'm going to go ahead and definitively call them Leasts then.

Re: the Myrtle, that solves the mystery nicely. I've seen a bunch of Audubon's around but hadn't seen these yet, plus the angle from below is not great, so that saves me a bunch of confusion. :D
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