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By BillGyles
Seen at Buttertubs Marsh, Nanaimo, May 12 2021, in a bush (hawthorn?) about 12 feet above ground. I think this is a savannah sparrow based on the yellowish eyebrows, buff central head stripe and pink legs. The tail is not clearly notched, but his could be due to overlapping feathers. My main uncertainty is because everything I have read says that they always stay close to the ground.
ImageP1010229 by Bill Gyles, on Flickr
ImageP1010232c by Bill Gyles, on Flickr
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By BirdingBC
Hi Bill,

These are indeed Savannah sparrow. Here in Victoria, I have seen them recently high up in the oak tree tops feeding on green caterpillars. Actually threw us off as well but it appears to be a normal thing as the oaks are full of insect activity, providing abundant feeding opportunities for many species.

Any Savannah Sparrow up in the trees is likely a migrate or temporary opportunist and will move on to more preferred habitat like open farm fields, open range, etc. They will seek trees and shrubs at time and do go up high. They will also show up on rocky hill tops (another place where I did not expect to see them).

Nice shots by the way!

Cheers and good birding,
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