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I would say it’s a Pacific Loon. The throat patch is iridescent and can appear black, green, blue or purple depending on the light. An Arctic Loon would be extremely rare this far south but anything can happen. I found this on the Cornell All About Birds website which may help: ... e/46032601
Nice pics btw. I’ve only seen this bird once and that was several years ago at Point Roberts (ah yes - I remember that place - it’s in the states isn’t it? Maybe someday I’ll be able to go back there.) :)
I concur that this is a Pacific Loon. It is near identical to the Arctic Loon so understand the difficulty in making an ID. Can't been 100% sure but Arctic Loon is indeed very rare for Victoria waters and any breeding plumage arctic loon would be mega-rare as they occur way up north at this time of year. Most are located in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

This bird does not appear to have a "white hip patch near the waterline" field mark so makes it less likely to be an arctic loon.

Nice photos, breeding plumage Pacific Loon is still a great sighting!



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