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Seen today at Burnaby Lake.
It looks like a Mandarin duck, possibly during some stage of molting. Or is it a juvenile? Is this Trevor, the local celebrity Mandarin duck? It doesn't look like other pictures of him - missing the sails on his back and the more distinct colours on top of his head. Almost certainly the same duck in both shots:

ImageMandarin duck by Leenyxa, on Flickr

ImageMandarin duck 2 by Leenyxa, on Flickr
Hi Leeny,
Yes, that’s our somewhat famous Trevor, the Mandarin Duck. Thanks for posting the pictures of him, even though he’s looking rather haggard. I’ve been worried about him because I haven’t seen him the last several times I’ve been to Piper Spit. He’s not always reported on eBird because he’s not a native species and I know he likes to hide when he’s molting. It will be the end of September or early October before he’s back to his magnificent self.
Hi Judy,
Thanks for filling me in! I actually reported him on eBird, but it didn't show up with the rest of my list...possibly because I only have the North America data pack installed? He's probably being shy like you said. I visited on a rainy evening and only one other person was around.
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Thank you!

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