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By DennisM39
I saw these gulls while coming down from Barkley Sound to Victoria last week, somewhere around Carmanah Point Lighthouse. Any suggestions on what they are? The more I look at them the more confused I get because of the leg colours on the immature birds.

I think this might be a California Gull because of the yellow legs and black and red spots on bill? or a Ring-billed?
ImageCalifornia Gull Question by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

I think the adult may be a Western Gull because of it's dark grey mantle and blackish wingtips?
ImageWestern Gull Question by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Western Gull again? Not sure about the others.
ImageWestern Gull 2 Question by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Immature Ring-billed Gulls?
ImageRing-billed Gull Question by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

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By BirdingBC
Hi Dennis,

I don't think these are ring-billed gulls. There are juveniles and likely California gull.

Gulls are one of the hardest group to identify as they have numerous plumage stages in their mult-year growth to maturity. Someone with gull expertise could weight in with the specifics on gull age and species. Thinking these are 1-2 yr old juveniles but have not gone through Sibley's yet to narrow it down.

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