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Greetings! Saw this guy the other day at Brydon Lagoon in Langley. The Wing bars make me think it is an immature goldfinch but the coloration looks off. New to this so might be way off. Thoughts?

ImageDSC_2243 by Daryl Mcmillan, on Flickr
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I swear I read the instructions for using google photo's and don't think I did anything differently this but but it seems to work now.
I moved it over to Flickr. Hopefully it works now. The strange thing was I checked it on another computer and I was able to see the image there initially. C'est la vie!
Thanks Judy! Not sure about the privacy settings. I tried it o n another computer and the picture came up fine but when you indicated you couldn't see it, I checked again the next day and I couldn't see it either. I'm going to stick with Flickr. Thanks for your help!
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