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By rupertdowning
We have sightings and "hearings" of owls here in Cloake Hill that I'm not familiar with. Larger than our resident Barred Owls, longer series of calls with an up and down cadence. Seems to be actively hunting raccoons, took a look at our small morky on the trail. Jays and ravens objecting. Could it be a Great Horned Owl ? Sorry no accurate visuals but will keep trying.
By jewill
The only owl that we typically see in southern coastal BC that is larger than a Barred is a Great Horned. If you can, look for the eye colour, Barreds have dark brown eyes and Great Horneds have yellow. Also the call of a Barred is the unmistakable “who cooks for you, who cooks for you all” - they also cackle and whinny; a Great Horned is the classic sound everyone associates with owls - that deep, loud, resonating hoot.
Finally, if Morky is a Yorkie (or similarly small dog) please keep him on leash at all times when on the trails in the park. I doubt that either owl could actually kill him but they could definitely cause a lot of serious damage if he accidentally got too close.
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By BirdingBC
I concur the bird is likely Great Horned Owl(s) as these owls are fairly common along with Barred Owl on the peninsula. Typical call is: hoo-h’HOO-hoo-hoo

There is only one record of the larger Great Grey Owl in the Capitol Region and it was in late fall a number of years back out located somewhere in the highlands.

I would think Great Horned Owl would be found on nearby Horth Hill so quite possible the birds are moving around in fir stands to find prey or the birds are coming over from Salt Spring (a short hop for them).

Judy recommendation to watch the pup is seconded. There have been reports in the Capitol Region of GHOW taking small pets. They are strong enough to pickup a small dog or cat.

Cheers and good birding!
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