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Thayer's Gull ?

Posted: Sep 18 7:49 pm
by BillGyles
Photo from Blue Heron Beach, near Ladysmith, Sep 18.
I'm not sure if this is an Iceland (Thayer's) gull. It has the dark eyes, pink legs, grey wings with darker tips. I think it is not a Herring gull due to dark eyes and wing tips not black. I am not sure if the wing tips are too light, but don't know what else it could be.
ImageP1040051 by Bill Gyles, on Flickr

Re: Thayer's Gull ?

Posted: Sep 18 9:31 pm
by BirdingBC
Hi Bill,

Looks like a Gaucous-winged Gull to me. The primaries are nearly the same grey as the birds mantle. Most other West Coast gulls have distictly dark primaries including Iceland gull.

Glaucous-winged and Western Gull in our region have a varying % of being mixed (hybrids) and that accounts for different shades of grey in the primaries. Often refereed to as Olympic Gulls. (Glaucous-winged X Western)


Re: Thayer's Gull ?

Posted: Sep 19 10:08 am
by BillGyles
Seems obvious now. Thanks.