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By Sozo
Howdy all, cool forum!
Thank you for any help, I am usually able to identify birds through research however this one I can’t find.
I was in the BC interior this summer north of Kamloops. I feed whatever birds are around, mostly White crowned sparrows, dark eyed junco’s, Cananda Jays and Stellers jays. There are too many predator birds to have a large showing at the feeders but you get some. I did twice see a Cooper’s hawk nab a junco.
This guy in the video came only once, in October. He chased the chippy’s about for a bit and left.
He looks vaguely corvidae, but I can’t find his species online! Lol.
Thanks again for any help!

Edit: In case anyone wants to see it, earlier in the summer while fishing I was watching a mother and young bald eagle. The young was trying to grab a fish off the water for a while until Mumma got tired of waiting and took over, neat.

Ahhh heh thank you I see now, that one was boggling my mind!
He did actually chase the chippy’s for quite a bit longer than that small clip, had me laughing. I thought he was just playing but I could also tell that he looked a little predator-bird-ish lol. Perhaps he was playing but hopeful for desert at the end hah.
Thanks gents, I am glad you liked the vids!

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